Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Short Eared Owls - Local Area

On Monday after work I headed out for a few hours to see if much wildlife was about (actually hoping for an owl!) as I pulled up in the car there were two Short Eared Owls. I spent about 2 hours amused watching the pair flying around together and perching themselves on tree stubs etc. One disappeared for a short amount of time then flew straight over my head!

Here are some quick shots...

The two owls flying around (not the greatest pic!)

Can you see him!? (below)


  1. Beautiful Short-eared Owl, chasing after the kill.

  2. A great blog post. Bet they were amazing to watch.

  3. Geweldig dat je de velduilen er zo mooi op hebt ik zie ze soms wel maar ik ben altijd te laat.

  4. Belas fotografias de lindas Aves....