Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First day in the Highlands

In the morning I headed to Sutherland area to walk the dogs on one of their favourite beaches, on the way I saw lots of buzzards roughly about eight of them along with a few Herons flying over and Hooded Crows.
After the beach, I headed to a quiet spot where I usually go that has a good mix of wildlife.

What I saw:
30+ Seals
6 Curlew
male and female Red Breasted Mergansers
6 female Eiders
Lots of Gulls around
1 Cormorant
20+ Oystercatchers
Highland cows with a few youngsters…
and a few others.

After a wile I went onto another patch, that had a lot of Redshank easily 40+, another Heron, a few Curlew, 10+ Shelduck, more Oystercatchers and another Buzzard!

A mixture of phone and SLR photo's below.

On the way back there were 50+ Curlews in a field with a random single Starling.
When closer to home, I decided to take a drive a long the Beauly Firth, some nice views of the mountains reflecting on the water and quite a bit of Wigeon about.

After an hour or so of being back home I headed out to see if the Dippers were out, no signs for about an hour and then on my way back one showed and I managed to get a few shots. Hopefully get a few more over the next two weeks, but for some reason they only like to come out once when I'm here and then never see them again for the whole time! 

A few river shots early evening time...


Second day in the Highlands

Early morning, before leaving saw a few Greenfinch, haven’t seen any for a wile and I don’t get any in the garden back at home.

Lossiemouth area:
300+ Wigeon
30+ Redshank
20+ Greater Black Backed Gulls
1 Curlew
2 Turnstone
40+ Oystercatchers
50+ Herring Gulls

As well, saw a few more Buzzards… 


Spring :)


  1. amazing photos Eve!

  2. Ah wat is dit mooi die koeien dat snel stromende water het is allemaal wel heel veel wat je gezien hebt en zo mooi.

  3. sounds like a nice couple of days Eve, the male Merg look rather nice, as does the Dipper! I'd take either of these on my local patch! Though not until I get back from Malaysia please!!!

    1. Seen quite a few Mergansers here, your most welcome to a pair if you like!


  4. Sutherland is such a beautiful place isn't it with gorgeous scenery and superb wildlife and you've captured some great photos here :-) I particularly like the Highland Cattle portraits :-)

    1. Thank you. Sutherland is lovely, excellent for wildlife and one of my favourite spots!

  5. Lovely, seems your building up quite a list.

  6. Brilliant photos, love the highland cows! X