Sunday, 25 January 2015

Up the Glen... Out photographing Red Deer

It has been a while since I was out with the camera, in-fact I nearly always use to be out with it when working freelance full time. Since making the move fully up North, other work tends to take up my time. So, the other week with Christmas and New Year now out the way with, I headed out for a day up around the local Glens to look for Red Deer, there was some out and I managed to get a few shots, but I wasn't quite happy with the outcome...

...A few days later I headed out again, to the same spots looking for the deer again. This day was my lucky day and I managed to get a range of shots I have been wanting for a while. Still yet to get a few more shots, but no doubt I will get them sometime this year :)

It may look like the Mountain Hare is a favourite species of mine if you follow me on Facebook (...and Red Squirrel) to photograph along with the Red Deer, the hares get quite addictive! but there's something about the Red Deer for me, the way they stand and pose is very impressive or 'majestic' as I usually say.

Below are some of the shots from the second outing.

Below, a Stag sitting amongst the trees. This is the kind of shot I have been wanting for a good while, I managed to get quite a few different images that I have had in mind - more to follow soon.

Last image of the day as the sun started to dip...

Thanks for looking - more images to go through which I will post up soon!

Eve :)