Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Winter season is starting with the Mountain Hares

Last week I took a trip out with a friend to go out looking for Mountains Hares and to photograph them. It didn't take us long to find a few, and with walking around searching we started seeing a lot more. Some are still brown in colour, but a lot are starting to change into there winter coats and we even saw two full white hares.

It's always a fun experience every time I see these guys and watching them for hours with there movements and rather quirky faces is always amusing to watch and to get photo's.
Apart from mountain hares, there were sightings of Red Deer, Ravens, Golden and White-tailed Eagles and Buzzard. There were a pair of eagles doing there courtship flight which I was watching whilst lying on the ground photographing the hares. Out of all the four birds hearing there call and even the ravens mobbing the eagles was a great sight.

Below are a few shots from the day, I did take more but I have yet to go through them all!

In the Summer and nearly all this year I haven't blogged as much as I usually do, due to moving, work and other commitments. Here are some shots of Mountain Hares taken in the Summer.

and on one of the days this was taken - Meadow Pipit, lots were hanging around.

If you are interested in photographing Mountain Hares (based around the Cairngorm, Highland area) I offer full day guiding services to have the opportunity to photograph the hares and possibly a few other species, depending on the day.

For further information or any enquiries please email: hello@everussellphotography.com

Below, a few images taken in the snow from this year in February.

Thanks for looking!
Eve :)

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Nice sunset tonight...

Image taken about 20mins ago. Looking forward to seeing and photographing more sunsets like this over the winter season or even stronger ones!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Skulls, feathers and Poo...

These were found and brought back with me from a trip out with a friend one Sunday a few weeks ago. A selection of feathers/wings and skulls, along with Owl pellets.
Most seem easy to identify but on a couple I'm not 100% sure!


1. Roe Deer?

This image below might of been the other remains from the skull, but I don't know.

2. Heron wing and ... possibly from a Gull?

3. Owl pellets - not much exciting in them this time!

4. Rabbit skull

5. This next one I'm not so sure about,
unless it's from a Gull...

Thanks for looking!
Eve :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Blackbirds nest found today in the garden

I found a Blackbirds nest hidden under a cover, covering a load of logs this morning. Warmth was coming from the eggs... But isn't it a bit late in the year now? (Location: outskirts of Inverness, Highland, Scotland). 

Thanks for looking and any opinions welcome!

Eve :) 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Lossiemouth - dog walk and a wee bit of birding.

Early Sunday morning I took a trip out to Lossiemouth to walk the dog. The heathers looking great at the moment. 

On the way back saw lots of Red-breasted Medgansers about taking lots of fish and being chased by a rather large Heron! 

Other birds:
Curlew Sandpiper, Turnstone, Common Ringed Plover, Redshank, Great Black-backed Gull, Common Tern, Dunlin etc.

Not the best photo's below but some taken from the iPhone through the scope... Not easy!

Eve :)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

6am start and some nice wildlife sightings

Headed out at 6am this morning for a walk, saw quite a few Roe Deer along the way and then I went to the hide for a bit afterwards.

One of the regular Red Squirrels appeared at the hide nicely for over an hour. There was some good sightings off female Great Spotted Woodpecker on the feeders near the hide, 2 Crested Tit visits, male Greenfinch and other small woodland birds.
Usually, I hear two Cuckoos and saw one quite close to the hide a few weeks ago, but this morning I could hear 3 of them in the area. 
A Buzzard appeared which I had good viewings of for around 10mins, which eventually was getting mobbed by a Crow so the bird disappeared over the other side of the forest.

Again, I had my camera on me as per usual and got a few shots from this morning.  First one being of the Robin that visits the hide very regularly. 

A female Chaffinch flew down to the pool for a drink, obviously I couldn't resist getting a quick shot…

Male Chaffinch too…

And lastly when driving back. So many vibrant fields at the moment...

Thanks for looking!Eve

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Red Squirrel and a nice little find at the hide - a Green Hairstreak butterfly (thanks to Wendy Anderson)

The other evening I spent a few hours at the hide. Lots of Siskin about, Chaffinch, Coal and Great Tits. An hour or so later the two regular Red Kites hovered just over the hide and pretty closely, calling, making an amazing sound! I could also hear a Cuckoo in the distance.

A Red Squirrel showed up just after 5pm and enjoyed a hazelnut or two...

Yesterday we had two guests at the hide to photograph the squirrels and Wendy had a lucky find and managed to get a quick shot of this lovely Green Hairstreak butterfly! It is a first sighting of one of these for me and it was for Wendy too. (© Wendy Anderson)

For Red Squirrel photography workshop/hide rental enquiries please email: hello@everussellphotography.com

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Red Squirrels - Red Squirrel photography workshops & hide rentals available

Looking to photograph Red Squirrels? 

Based near the Inverness area, we have a location with regular visits from the squirrels which can give you the opportunity to photograph them in their natural environment. 
There is also a new reflection pool that gives you clean, natural backgrounds and there's a chance to photograph woodland birds. (visit www.facebook.com/WildwatcherEve for updates and images on the recent birds, plus more) 

Available for workshops and hide rental in the morning time or for the full day either guided or none guided.

For further information and enquiries please email hello@everussellphotography.com

Recent squirrel images taken at the hide.