Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Winter season is starting with the Mountain Hares

Last week I took a trip out with a friend to go out looking for Mountains Hares and to photograph them. It didn't take us long to find a few, and with walking around searching we started seeing a lot more. Some are still brown in colour, but a lot are starting to change into there winter coats and we even saw two full white hares.

It's always a fun experience every time I see these guys and watching them for hours with there movements and rather quirky faces is always amusing to watch and to get photo's.
Apart from mountain hares, there were sightings of Red Deer, Ravens, Golden and White-tailed Eagles and Buzzard. There were a pair of eagles doing there courtship flight which I was watching whilst lying on the ground photographing the hares. Out of all the four birds hearing there call and even the ravens mobbing the eagles was a great sight.

Below are a few shots from the day, I did take more but I have yet to go through them all!

In the Summer and nearly all this year I haven't blogged as much as I usually do, due to moving, work and other commitments. Here are some shots of Mountain Hares taken in the Summer.

and on one of the days this was taken - Meadow Pipit, lots were hanging around.

If you are interested in photographing Mountain Hares (based around the Cairngorm, Highland area) I offer full day guiding services to have the opportunity to photograph the hares and possibly a few other species, depending on the day.

For further information or any enquiries please email: hello@everussellphotography.com

Below, a few images taken in the snow from this year in February.

Thanks for looking!
Eve :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures, as always! I love the snowy pictures, you must have a good zoom on your camera, either that or you were 3 inches away from it!☺
    Kind regards, Brian.