Sunday, 17 November 2013

A few Stags #UpTheGlen

Here are a few photo's from a day spent at two glens in Highland. Not the best photo's as it was awful weather! But still, love photographing these guys no matter what the weather is like.

Thanks for looking.

Mountain Hares - Highland

Today I spent a good 3-4hours with a few mountain hares up in the Highlands. Had a go at this back in June/July this year but didn't have much look with any that would stay still.

First I had very close encounters with the brown hare below for over an hour or two, it was amazing not just photographing but watching the hare as well.

Whilst spending time with this particular hare, I had a sighting of a pair of Ravens that were mobbing a White-tailed Eagle. Also, saw a pair of Eagles at a slightly different time but couldn't see if they were White-tailed or not. 

Other sightings: Grouse, Sparrowhawk, Mountain Goat, Salmon and a Dipper.

Before heading back to the car, I got the opportunity to photograph a hare thats starting to change in colour. A shame there wasn't any snow, as I think this hare would of looked better with a white background, but hey, you can't choose the weather :)

Thanks for lookingEve

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Crested Tit shots from this morning

Red Squirrel from yesterday morning

I spent another morning photographing this very cute Red Squirrel. He/She was very active for about half an hour enjoying and eating a few hazelnuts and peanuts.

Here are a few shots below:

Thanks for Looking, Eve.