Sunday, 17 March 2013

The beautiful Isle of Skye!

After a night of snow near the lodge and a lovely sunny morning I decided to head out to Skye hoping there would be a few dramatic scenes...

Can you tell I'm having trouble choosing which photo's to post...?

A few deer...

Quite a lot of Herons around in Skye. 

The famous Eilean Donan castle - on nearly every shortbread biscuit tin!


On the way back, I came across quite a large group of deer - couldn't resist taking a few photo's!


  1. Stunning, I see why you want to live there. I would love to kayak on that water could lay back and stare at those mountains for hours.

  2. Yeah, not Skye as such more the Inverness area.
    I had the dogs with me and just sat off for a bit - silence and no one else around = perfect!

  3. Stunning scenic shots and I can see why you had problems deciding which images to post as they are all so gorgeous :-) Great photos of the Red Deer too :-)

  4. Wow! I'm lost for words.