Saturday, 2 February 2013


Just had to do the early morning shop and on my way back (near Irby) I came across a group of Waxwings! A nice start to the day before I go out with the camera (shame I didn't have my SLR on me) photo taken from my phone, zoomed in so pretty rubbish!


  1. Nice record shot! I got some Waxers today too, will put some pics on my blog in a bit :-)

    1. Thanks :) I couldn't turn the car around quick enough! I haven't seen Waxwings since late November last year. Might go back tomorrow to see if there still around... (with SLR this time!!)

      Look forward to seeing yours! :)

  2. Its always the way!!

    Have not seen waxwings in many years!

    Stewart M - Melbourne.

    PS: I run a page called Wild Bird Wednesday on (!) Wednesdays - you are welcome to link up any bird images from your blog. SM