Friday, 22 February 2013

Lake Vyrnwy

On my way to Lake Vyrnwy and before hitting the M53 I saw 3 Buzzards and 1 Kestrel around 7/8am this morning, not a bad start! Other birds seen on the journey: another Buzzard, 20+ Starlings, 2 Jays, Carrion Crow and some of the general ones.

(Photo taken below on my phone of the lake)

I Eventually arrived at Lake Vyrnwy and went for a walk around to see if anything was about before meeting up with the team from South Stacks.
We got a little tour of the area along with seeing the organic farm owned by the reserve just a few minutes away. It was a great day, but VERY cold! 

What I saw today:
x4 Brambling (which was a nice little surprise as I haven't seen these birds for ages!)
x2 Dippers
x2 S.Woodpecker
30+ Chaffinch - they were everywhere!
6+ Great Tit
20+ Blue Tit
x1 Nuthatch
x6 Coal Tit
x2 Willow Tit
20+ Siskin
x2 Carrion Crow
x4 Robin
x1 Sparrowhawk that was after the Chaffinches etc, I didn't see if the bird had manage to catch anything with it flying away so quickly! Here's the video:

Favourite photo/bird from today: the Brambling!