Saturday, 7 December 2013

On the coast watching Knots

Around lunch time today I headed off to Hoylake not far from me which looks across the Irish Sea that meets up with the Dee Estuary (being my usual patch to watch and photograph wildlife).

Today I spent a couple of hours mostly watching and photographing Knots. There were also Oystercatchers, Herring Gull, Black-backed Gulls and I think a few Cormorants. Saw a bird of prey but couldn't quite see what it was, but heard someone say a Peregrine...

The tide didn't come in too high today, but close enough to get a nice view of the waders. The weather turned quite dull towards the end making it not to great to photograph and the waders seemed to be quite spooked. 

It was a great few hours in the fresh air watching these birds and I'll be heading back again to photograph in a bit better conditions (to get the shot I want) :)

A few shots below from today:

Thanks for looking,Eve


  1. Good to see your exploring your local places :-) and it looks like a successful day by the sea.

  2. Cheers Mike, it's good to get back out exploring them #RefreshesTheMind

  3. Great pictures! I love watching huge flocks of birds, the amazing shapes they sculpt against the sky are awe-inspiring. Thanks for sharing! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Thanks Brian, I couldn't agree more it's great watching them and the shapes they create!

      Kind regards

  4. Heerlijk om daar te lopen,wat een vogels dat is genieten.