Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A day in the woods with Nutty Red Squirrels and a few nice little birds.

With the weather being so good, I decided to take a trip out for most of the morning to check out the Red Squirrels at Formby. I usually see and photograph these guys up North in the lovely Highlands.

I was pleasantly surprised by the location and can't believe I have never made a trip there before now. It was amazing to see so many Red's around the place, mostly running around chasing each other like mad, busy eating monkey nuts or running around searching for bits of food.

My aim was to try and photograph the squirrels, well aim for one nice shot, but it was pretty tricky as they couldn't stay still for even a few seconds! The light wasn't great, either too dark in the woods or too bright outside them #AlwaysAnotherDay, but managed to get some quick #ok shots for this post.

It was still an amazing sight to see and watch these guys along with the other wildlife around - Crows, Wood Pigeon, Magpies and one of my favourites the Jay (which never stayed still either!). 
I saw about six Jays in total, which I was really pleased with, along with another favourite the Nuthatch. Also around was the usual Coal, Great and Blue tit, Chaffinch, Black Bird and Robin.

Below are a few quick shots taken from today...

I definitely plan to make some more trips here to get that perfect woodland photograph I'm wanting and looking forward to my trips back up north next year to see these guys!
Thanks for looking,Eve :)

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