Saturday, 28 December 2013

A new little project #Nuthatch #Blackcap #Jay #Fieldfare #LongTailedTit

Over the last few weeks when visiting a relative I have been spending about an hour each time just sitting outside watching what wildlife is around, as even when looking through the window there's always something to see and there seems to be quite a mixture visiting. I think living near a woods has a benefit!

After being out for most of the morning, on my way back I decided to call in for about an hour or so with the camera hiding behind a large tree and a rather spikey bush. All the birds didn't seem to bothered about my presence, especially the Nuthatch he was Mr Confident. 
There were lots of visits from the male Nuthatch, also male Blackcap, Great - Blue and Coal Tit, Fieldfare, Black Birds, Robin, Wood Pigeon and the regular Pigeon, Long Tailed Tits, Dunnock and Jay.

With this range of birds I have decided to start up a small project to photograph these guys, which I will set up a hide and add more feeders around the area.

Below are some quick shots of the Nuthatch, and there's a certain part of a tree I'll be focusing on which the Nuthatch did perch on (I was slightly happy!) but he was bobbing his head up and down that quick the shot turned out rather rubbish as you can see - I'll keep trying :)

As you can see below the Nuthatch landing perfectly on the tree, a shame about the focus! 

After about 40mins I went back into the house, then as soon as I turned around to lock the door, one of the Jays flew down and perched on the exact same bit - just typical... So I headed back out for another 20mins and the Jay did come back but within a matter of a second he caught a glimpse of me then was off again. Hopefully the hide should make the bird stay around a little bit longer!

The two shots I'm aiming for is the Nuthatch and Jay. Possibly Blackcap too!

Thanks for looking,
Eve :)

Images taken with a D800 - 400mm zoom lens - no tripod.


  1. wel heel leuk om zo de voedselfeders te benutten voor de fotografie,

  2. Beautiful images. Glad i stumbles on your blog,

    I hope you can take some time and hopefully follow my photo-blog