Thursday, 9 May 2013

SPRING: Caterpillars/Butterflies/Moths/Bugs

SPRING one of my favourite times of the year as it means getting out the macro lens. Apart from that, it means moth trapping, new butterflies, bugs and outside is buzzing with life and colour!


Caterpillar - Drinker Moth
Thanks to Wendy @benjiandblossom, @inkednaturalist and @dorsetmoths for help identifying the caterpillar :)

Female Orange Tip

Below - male Orange Tip

Peacock - rather early!?

Maybe a Small Tortoiseshell? can't see the small blue bits around the edging though...

Above and below - a Small White

Speckled Wood

Above and below - Green-veined White

Some kind of Hover-fly - yet to identify it!

and below my first Ladybird of 2013! - Adalia 2-punctata

Hopefully I will get to see and photograph more butterflies etc over the next few months. I'm especially hoping to see at least ONE decent hawk moth this year!

The last one I saw was in 2010 (below) - Elephant Hawk Moth


  1. ja de vlindertijd komt er weer aan mooi voor de macro liefhebbers.

  2. Hello, I've just come across your lovely pictures. I love the selection of butterflies; especially the female Orange Tip. I've been hoping to take a photo here, but, unlike the males, the females won't settle long enough.