Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A #Starling obsession at the moment.

The last few weeks I have been getting even more visits from one of my favourite birds, Starlings. Over the week there has been fledging chicks that have also been making an appearance on the feeders. Some are still demanding to be fed by there parents and will sit stubbornly until they do! 

(photo's above were from 22nd May 2013 - if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you probably have seen them already!)

I have nearly been photographing these birds everyday. 
Here are some more from today, being mainly images of some of the youngsters.

About an hour later after photographing the above, I was at my desk and I heard a really loud bang on the window, quickly had a look and saw a young Starling on the ground which had flew straight into the window that had clearly been chased by the Magpie... (who was also with the Starling). When I got closer to the youngster the Magpie was still attacking it, which obviously I got involved! This Starling wasn't looking to great for a while, then eventually moved, fell further onto the ground and started hobbling around the place.

After 20mins or so he was back to normal and flew straight onto the feeders, then eventually flew off with the adult.

#HappyEnding!  well it was for me and the Starling :)


  1. wat een heerlijke serie om zo het hele vervolg te kunnen zien.

  2. looking at the photos I thought that Starling had gone! glad he recovered

  3. I too thought the young Starling had croaked, great to see it make a full recovery. Great looking shots, Eve.