Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A rather quiet bank holiday, but plenty of walking and a few little sightings.

My bank holiday was a rather quiet one... well more garden work, seeing friends and a few nice walks than going #birding. 
Still, had a few nice little sightings of Reed Buntings, a quick sighting of a Cuckoo at Burton marshes and also where I walk my dogs in the morning I could hear a Cuckoo but just couldn’t see it!

Lots of Swallows around flying over the house and a few House Martins too. 
On bank holiday Monday on my way back I quickly popped into Martin Mere, lots of Swallows there as well which I managed to get a few photo's through the scope/SLR.

The Caddis Fly - thanks to... @GrahamUney, @13art_Art, @Lincsbirders, @CWWMIKE, @Raptorwatcher and @artborist2222 for help identifying the fly! I had no idea what it was.

A few weeks a go I purchased a new scope. Since then I haven't stopped using it! It's a great piece of kit. The above image of the Reed Bunting was taken through the scope, it was extremely windy that day but the photo didn't turn out too bad.

Again below, I was having a mess around with the scope and came across this noisy Robin a few houses down from me.

Long Tailed Tit below, this year I have only had a group of about 16 who visited very quickly earlier in February, so it was good to see this little one perching rather nicely on the base feeder and then flying off with a mealworm! (again taken through the scope).

Over the last week we have been having even more visits from a few pairs of House Sparrows, but I have a feeling there are 4 pairs visiting the feeders in total. The usual pair are nesting in the house behind us, flying in and out from the nest getting food, you can also hear the sound of the chicks when the parents enter the nest which is pretty cool!

A few quick shots from Martin Mere...

Never seen such a greedy Heron in my life, must of caught about 8 fish easily.
I was only watching for about 20mins! 

The Otters were out as well this time #TooCute!


Above, taken on the #phone.