Sunday, 13 January 2013

A cold but enjoyable day at Martin Mere

I decided to take a trip (again) to Martin-mere, it was pretty icy and quite chilly but still enjoyable like it always is. Every time I go I can never resist the Hawaiian/Nene Geese (shame you can't get them as pets, otherwise I would probably own a few!) 

Along with these little guys...

After wondering around I went to watch the Whooper Swans for a bit, not as many as last time I was there in the beginning of December last year, but a lot are still around along with Pink-footed Geese, Coots (as always), Lapwing, ducks - Mallard and a lot of Shelduck! 

Below are my two favourite photo's from today:

and when walking back to the car I spotted this little Robin - nice end to the day!


  1. I really like it at Martin Mere. It's amazing when the bigger flocks fly in with all their noise. From Findlay.

  2. Yeah same here, especially the Whooper Swans at the moment. I spent about an hour or two just watching and listening to them.

  3. Lovely photographs. Never been to Martin mere is that where they have a reed bed kayaking experience?.

  4. Thanks! They have something called 'Canoe Safari', not open all year round though.