Friday, 19 July 2013

A trip to Conwy 18/06/2013 and Burton Mere

6am and a lovely morning, so I decided to head off out to Conwy in Wales for most of the day. Not many birds around apart from Canadian Geese, Shelducks, Oystercatchers and Reed Buntings. Oh and a few rabbits!

After walking around the reserve for a while I came across lots of Little Blue butterflies, then a Common Blue...

Lots of small and large Whites around.

A lovely Green-veined White.

A Speckled Wood.

After Conwy I headed back to Burton, quite quiet with birds there too, to start off with. Lots of caterpillars around especially large ones which seemed to be enjoying the sunshine on the paths!
This one couldn't get away quick enough though... A Tiger Moth caterpillar (thanks to Wendy for identifying it - @benjiandblossom)

Drinker moth caterpillar I think... see these quite a bit.

Lots of new Blue-tailed Damselfly's around.

Little White Egret, which was catching quite a few things - not sure what they were though.

When walking back to the car I could hear the GSWs, never seen them at Burton before, but I have heard people mentioning about them. I went to the back pond had a good luck around and then eventually spotted the pair! A male with a juvenile :)


  1. wat een heerlijke natuur en o wat een prachtig kasteel.

  2. Great variety there, love that last Woodpecker pic :-)