Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Another quiet day around Burton Marsh

Yesterday was another quiet day a bit like Saturday, weird considering before I went to the Highlands lots was going on!
Geese all around the place and most of the usuals Coots, Moorhens, ducks :-/ but did see a few Tufted ducks that were not around on Saturday, Little Egrets, Godwits, Cormorant, Teal, two pairs of Buzzards, Chaffinches, Great Tits, Blue Tits and the usual cute rats. 

Also quiet around the Parkgate area for birds (loads of adults and kids with being off school!), was hoping for a Short Eared Owl - didn't happen! 
Hopefully some sightings next week when the place is back to being quiet with the usual birders/dog walkers.

As always a few photo's below... nothing terribly exciting!


  1. Beautiful pictures.
    I love how you take photos, amazing!